BBCos Revival

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7 In 1 Revival Repairing Shampoo is the ideal multifunction repair shampoo for all hair types. A creamy and intoxicating emulsion wraps the hair to gently cleanse and strengthen the damaged areas. Shea Butter and Panthenol, combined synergistically, give life to 7 instant actions for regenerated, protected and extraordinarily bright hair.

Revival 14 In 1 Lamellar Balm is the first lamellar liquid balm by BBcos that hydrates and protects dull, frizzy and devitalized hair. Lamellar technology acts instantly by activating the water present on the hair. The formula, rich in hydro-affine and conditioning active ingredients, delicately wraps the hair fiber with a protective film, releasing important treating active agents designed to even out irregularities.

21 In 1 Revival  Leave In Conditioner is Enriched with Shea Butter and Panthenol perfectly balanced in its formulation, it acts by revitalizing the hair fiber and increasing its elasticity and hydration. The hair regains its original beauty and is more vigorous, healthy and shining with vitality.